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Beyond the binary of the authentic as good and the stereotype as bad, what is real can also remain inarticulate, because it is redundant, because it is unsettling, because it is residual, because it cannot be exchanged. What thick descriptive, ethnographic and localised studies of culture and society can produce are glimpses of this redundancy, this unsettling, these ethical banalities that murmur through the veins of everyday lived experience.





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Anonymous said

at 1:10 pm on Apr 25, 2008

I meant give me a while to 'brood' on some further literature. I'll drop some key readings now but I think I'll need to think a bit longer about where I'm drawing my ideas from.

Anonymous said

at 1:20 pm on Apr 25, 2008

Maybe we just focus on key texts so that we get a sense of what is really important from our mutual perspectives? I'll look for another five or so.

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