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Best Breakfasts

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

MJ Forty

Cnr Nicholson and Raleigh Sts, Essendon

Price: Relatively good

You will no doubt hate this place, as the dilemma of whether to order the pancakes or the big breakfast is excruciating. Without question, the best pancake breakfast in Australia (I don't even like the idea of pancakes for breakfast and yet I can't help myself when it comes to theirs) - well you can only imagine how good the big breakfast must be to compete. Awesome coffee, fabulous service (they even bring out a bowl of fresh water for your dog), plenty of newspapers. If you're ever looking for me on a Sunday morning, this is where I'm at! (Sam)


Retro Cafe

Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Price: Pretty standard brekky prices

You know, I'm not entirely sure why I'm reviewing Retro, given that I find their breakfasts good, but not out of this world. For example, the hollandaise sauce is one of those versions that has more blob factor than actual flavour, and the toast is a pretty unmemorable slice. The bacon's rather good and the strong latte is a lovely bitter brew. I guess the thing about Retro is location and ambience more than food. It's a very pleasant, somewhat funky place to hang out of a morning if you've got the time. And quite satisfying if you've just been to the Fitzroy pool. Which I haven't for some time now... (tammois)



High St, Thornbury

Price: standard (cheap for some things)

Devour is good for breakfast or lunch. They have great baked eggs served with toast soldiers (on a bed of beans, spinach and mushroom) with the option of chorizo. Their hearty soups are only $6. Their breakfasts and coffee are good. They take about half an hour to bring breakfast when their busy (which is most weekends from 12 onwards). If you can get there at 11, it's quicker. They're licensed and wine prices are good. The staff are friendly and there is an indoor and outdoor area with a fire in winter. I go there about once a month, sometimes more. (jenny)

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