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Best Mexican

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

Ha! In Melbourne?


Yes, in Melbourne:


Los Amates

34 Johnston St


Tel : 03 9417 0441


Price: medium to expensive


This place is probably about as close as you will get to real Mexican food in Melbourne--or perhaps in Australia (though I hate to sound provincial). The chef, Arturo Morales, is Mexican-born, so he must know something, right? The morsels offered by Morales go beyond the tortillas-drowning-in-tasty-cheese-and-refried-beans variety that seems such a common misconception of Mexican food everywhere. And you can sample some decent tequilas here too. For me, the downside of this place is that it is already too popular: if you don't book by mid-week you may not get in on the weekend. The other downside is one thing that it does share with other Mexican restaurants: it is too expensive (for my liking). They do have a nice sampler plate, however, which is enough to share between two ungluttonous human beings. They also have tamales--one of my favourite Mexican dishes that one never sees on menus here. I've not had a mains dish here yet because I haven't wanted to pay the $20-$25/plate for the likes of enchiladas. They may be worth it, however. Open for cena (dinner) and almuerzo (brunch) on Sunday--which could be better value.

reviewed by keithk


I agree with Keith - delicious but dear. We did venture to pay for the mains, which were variable. Stuart's puerco con salsa verde (pork with green salsa) was 'porky', as in not a lot other than big pieces of pork, but my enchiladas con pollo de mole (chicken enchiladas with mole sauce, made from cacao/chocolate beans) were excellent. The only trouble is that they weren't worth $21.50. Next time we'll follow Keith's lead and have the combination platter. tammois

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