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Best Pizza

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Pizza Meine Liebe

High St, Northcote

Price: Medium to pricy-ish

Although they say this place is kid-friendly, I'm going to say it's a bit of an acoustically poor environment in which to listen to one's 2-year-old scream for his pizza, causing one to worry incessantly about the table next to us sitting with wide eyes and first (sleeping) child in arms. However, the waiter was very kind about the incipient meltdown, which helped. As for the pizza - delicious thin crust topped with, in my case, caramelised onion, olives & prosciutto (though the kids stole most of my olives, damn them) and the richest freshly made tomato sauce I have ever tasted on an Australian pizza. I can't remember what Stuart had but I know he really liked it. And for those so inclined, they have a range of expensive little desserts, including sweet pizzettes and sorbets (even pistachio!). We shall return to this little gem. Oh, and book early and don't be put off by the strict two sittings at 6pm and 8pm.



Hmmm...I went to Pizza Meine Leibe last weekend for the first time and I have to say I didn't care for it much. The crust was thin, yes, but too hard and not very well cut through so difficult to deal with. The range of pizzas and the toppings weren't--by my book--all that special. We had the artichoke pizza, which wasn't nearly as sumptuous as I would have liked; in fact, I found it rather thin on toppings. The pizza sauce was also not very well herbed or spiced; it seemed like plain old tomato paste. And what's up with the non-pitted olives on the pizzas? One can buy quality pitted olives from good delis; this feature seemed to me a little--what?--pretentious perhaps and mastication-unfriendly! The place was jumping and the staff friendly enough, but I agree that it was a loud place and, atmosphere-wise, neither relaxing or engaging. I'd rather go to Cafe Umago!


reviewed by keithk



Every time I've been to Pizza Meine Leibe, I've found the service to be uniformly disinterested, and despite this, it's nearly always full when I pass by. The reason would have to be the quality of the pizza. In the same style (but without the minimalist inclinations in the toppings) as Ladro, the crust is thin, crispy, and has a satisfying coating of what I assume some sort of rubbed flour, that sticks to your fingers. The tomato sauce is fresh and sharp, but without being too zingy. My personal favourite is the anchovy, zucchini and lemon rind pizza, but the roast pumpkin and goat's cheese is also up there.


Unknown to a lot of people, Meine Liebe has just opened up a second, take-away oriented outlet, called 'For the Love of Pizza' further up High St, past Separation St. It's just around the corner from me, so I tend to opt for the same delicious pizza, without the surly demeanour (and I think a slightly lower price?). Unfortunately, it's only open Wed-Sat nights, but then too much pizza COULD be a bad thing? billyl


Il Carusi

Lygon St, Brunswick

Price: medium for pizza

Has that genuine thin Italian crunchy crust - combinations such as pumpkin and sunflower seed, tiger prawns and chilli, potato and leek as well as chocolate pizza using belgian chocolate and strawberries or banana for dessert!


Cafe Umago

171 - 173 Brunswick Street (cnr King & William St)


Phone 9417 4664


Price: Medium


I like this place. It is unpretentious (one of my main requirements when dining out!), relatively inexpensive (another requirement) and consistently tasty (ditto). They have some of the best pizza I've had in Melbourne, with some interesting topping combinations which are piled on. My favourite: gourmet 2: roasted eggplant & zucchini, sun dried tomatoes, basil pesto, artichokes and fetta cheese. Yum! They also make some nice other mains, such as: chicken roulade: butterfried chicken breast filled with pesto, marinated capsicum and fetta, served with a creamy pesto and sun dried tomato sauce. Their spinach salad is superb as well: baby spinach leaves, sun dried tomatoes, bocconcini, marinated eggplant, calamata olives with a balsamic dressing. The atmosphere is comfortable in the main room, with an open fireplace in the winter. The place has a Brunswickian degree of funk about it which I like as well.


reviewed by keithk


Papa Gino's in Lygon St is legendary - their Napolitana with hot samali is close to perfection. Thin crust, wood fired, and a great balance of flavours. Bellissimo!


reviewed by Graeme Counsel

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