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Cheapest Good Eats

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Don Don

Swanston Street, near corner of Little Lonsdale

Price: Totally absolutely cheap

Try the $7.70 chicken and beef don don box or the sashimi don for $6ish for fast and fantastic japanese in a bowl. The outdoor seating is extremely squishy, and beware the pigeons. (Better to get it take-away and find a spot in front of the State Library if you want to sit outside. billyl) Don't make the mistake of ordering your food and walking to your table. They'll hand it to you 30 seconds after you've ordered. Great for a refuel on the run.



Corrs Lane, Chinatown, off Little Bourke


Price: Reasonably cheap

Yamato isn't in the cheapness league of say, Shanghai Dumpling House, but you can get out of there for $20 for two and have eaten well. The chef changed recently, and subsequently portion sizes got smaller, the agedashi broth got a bit insipid and don't even think about the hot pot, which wasn't that tasty under the old chef either. However, the tempura is still rather good, the nasu dengaku is yummy but too small now and the sushi is always lovely and fresh.


Shanghai Dumpling House

Tattersalls Lane, Chinatown, off Little Bourke


Price: Damned cheap

The clatter of the corkscrew as it hits and slides across the formica after the waitress flicks it free of her impatient, hurried hand lets you know you've entered a busy, popular, cheap place to eat. Watch out for the odd cockroach, which we think adds a bit to this place's street cred, and order dumplings and maybe some leafy greens as well. We tend to stay clear of the pork, which is a bit... porky... and add a lot of chili sauce to the soy. Not exactly gourmet, but tasty and very cheap - two of us usually spend $12 to $15 between us.


Nasi Lemak House

Grattan Street, Carlton


Price: Quite cheap

I am slowly (but not that slowly) working my way through their entire menu, and have yet to be disappointed. The traditional nasi lemak is delish - order it spicy and you get it 'malaysian' spicy - yum. The various laksas (curry, seafood, veg) are to die for and even the mee goreng is extremely tasty, though a wee bit sweet for my liking. The place is always packed at lunchtime, primarily with Malaysian students from Melbourne Uni. I'm planning to remember to take my own cup for water next time as they serve everything in polystyrene cups and plastic plates.


see also DumplingsInMelbourne

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