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Don't Go There

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

I hope it's OK with Tammi, but I have a burning desire to start a new page that celebrates the places/recipes/food ideas that aren't quite 'the Best' at anything...


When is a flathead not a flathead?

This story starts at dinner last night, when I was most annoyed to find that the Royal Hotel in Essendon is happy to serve cheap fish at a premium price and call it "flathead tails". Do they really think that consumers are too silly to be able to tell the difference? Apparently, yes. When I questioned the waittress as to whether she'd accidentally brought me the wrong plate (there was a cheaper "fish and chips" option on the menu) she spoke to the kitchen staff and then insisted that they'd actually served me flathead (even though it tasted suspiciously like flake and was the wrong shape, thickness and texture to be flathead)! Hmmm. I won't be going back there anymore- a pity, as it's the closest pub within staggering distance of our place and the I quite like the decor and ambience!

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