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MESP-723 Biker Brekkies

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

Okay, it's time to start talking about these brekkies, now that we've had two. The first one, on Ride to Work Day 2006, was such a success that the team here at work opted to make it a regular event. Amazing how many cyclists are coming out of the greyness of this building to embrace the light and air!



Swanston St, Parkville

Price: cheap (brekky was maybe $7 or $8?)

My two cents are basically that it was fine. I remember it being quite reasonably priced and decent food, but nothing I needed to rave about later. I vaguely recall an ordinary coffee being involved? tammois



Swanston St, Parkville

Price: cheap ($6.90 for eggs florentine)

We had a record turnout (I recognise that it's not hard to set a record when you've only done something twice) of maybe 11 people (and two weebles) - that's a lot of eggs to scramble, and scrambled orders is what we got! Service was distinctly friendly, some of it was in another language, and most of it was completely screwed up. I think eventually everybody got what their well-primed hearts desired and everybody left feeling full and ready to enter the windowless wonder of architecture in which we all work. The eggs florentine were surprisingly good for the price, even including a surprise slice or two of mushroom... (maybe that's where yours went, Jenny?). The latte was strong and the right temperature and the company excellent. I do, however, just have to mention how dorky I think it is that the Dental Hospital has a cafe called Toothpicks. WTF? tammois



Faraday St, Carlton

Price: cheap

We've had a few brekkies here now, probably more to do with the convenient location, outdoor seating and reasonable prices than the food, which is fine, but not especially worth getting up for. Ye standard 'big brekky' of eggs, tomatoes, mushies, bacon - but definitely at a good price, and tasty but nothing special. Maybe I should have everyone over to my house for brekky and just give them all the same big brekky they'd get here? Hm, $8 x 6 people = $48, ingredients are probably about $20 tops, my labour is apparently worth very little... I may just be on to something! tammois

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