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Most Interesting Service

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

Cafe Bedda

Sicilian food

High St, Northcote

Price: dearish


From their pork sausage with lentils to their quail and roast vegetables, the food is great. However, you might find the waiters are disinterested, or sleazy. Last time I went, I poked the hole in the salt shaker in an effort to make the salt come out and the whole container of salt spilt in the middle of the table. Sound funny? It was until my partner and I were interrogated by the head waiter on what, why, when and how it happened. Not impressed by surly service but the food is memorable!


Stuart and I finally got there last weekend. I think I may have seen the potentially sleazy waiter, but the lovely middle-aged Italian guy serving us was both attentive and delightfully amusing. The baked artichoke with garlic, parsley and bread crumbs and the mussels and pipis in white wine and garlic were superb. The conchiglie with sausage ragout was very nice, but we thought perhaps a bit 'meaty'(admittedly a stupid thing to say about pasta with sausage bits) and I'll have to get Stuart to edit this to remember what he had. All in all, a very satisfying though slightly dear experience (about $65 and we brought our own wine, but then we did have two courses...). tammois

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